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Your life as Art

Choosing the perfect time to have a portrait done is never an easy task.  While there are special events in life that create an urgency to have photographs made, most of life is lived outside the big events. We live our lives in a whirlwind of activity and our days become a blur.  We plan to make the time to have portraits done when things slow down.  And then something else comes up and we are back in the race again. One day we look up from all the commotion and see that our children have grown up, and life has moved on.......and the question remains,  When is the perfect time for a Portrait?

Scheduling a portrait session with Kathy Singer is about momentarily stopping‚ exactly where you are, and having her create portraits to remind you of the beauty of your family in everyday life.  Don’t make the mistake of waiting for the perfect time, the right clothes, enough money,  losing the weight, and the list goes on; only to find that the moments in life that were so precious to you have slipped away.

At Kathy Singer Photography we will work with you to create artistic images of these moments in your life that you want to remember....  Enjoy your “Life as Art” in your home today and cherish these portraits as family heirlooms tomorrow... 

The session may take place in the comfort of your own home, at our studio, or any location of your choice.  Mountain sessions are also available.